Monday, May 3, 2010

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Nutrilite's Omega 3

What is Omega 3 and what does it do?

-"NUTRILITE Omega 3 Complex provides plant-derived alpha-linolenic acids (ALA) from flaxseed – the world's richest plant source. ALA, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are all Omega-3 fatty acids. ALA converts in the body to EPA and DHA."
-Omega 3 is a good way to get the benefits of fish oil for those who do not eat fish daily.
-Omega 3 has different types of vitamins, it can help mixture of your health or there is a one where it is for your heart. There is also a omega 3 for your brain health.

Why Omega 3?
Omega 3 is one of those vitamins that you can take daily and works better then any other vitamin that you would take. The balanced health omega 3 supports memory, learning, and concentration and nervous system with this blend of essential Omega-3s

Where can I buy omega 3?
Same as the Double X vitamin, you can not buy this wonderful product in stores. You can only buy this product through Amway Global. I am an IBO (independent business owner) of Amway Global. You can purchase this product at my website at

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Personal Review
My review for this item would be a 4.5/5 stars. My mother takes the heart-health based omega 3 because she has a weak heart. My mother has had times where her heart hurt and could not get out of bed, but ever since she took this product, she hasn't had that problem ever since.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Double X Vitamin from Nutrilite

Why Double X Vitamins?

-Double X is the world's best multi-vitamin.
-A 2002 report in a leading medical journal recommends that ... "all adults should take a multivitamin, daily."
-Double X has grown within the years since it first came out and improved every year.
-Double X is now a distinct tablet content, easier to swallow, herbal fragrance.
-DOUBLE X is power-packed with vitamins, minerals, and plant concentrates, supporting your active and healthy lifestyle.
-DOUBLE X has phytonutrients with antioxidant protection, targeting key groups of cell-damaging free radicals.

Gold Vitamin

Silver Minerals

Bronze Phytonutrients

These are three types of vitamins included in the double X vitamin.

For a little more information on what double x is check out the website

Personal Review
In the beginning when I first saw this vitamin, I was telling myself, why should anyone take this? Why would you waste money on something that doesn't even help you? I was wrong, I took this vitamin about a year ago, and I can't stop taking them. Not only do you know you feel healthy but you can feel it. I am a golfer for college and I can't go a day without these vitamins.

How can I buy this product?
This product is not sold in stores. You can only purchase it through a Amway represent. I am a Amway representative/IBO (independent business owner)
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